Multifunctional Polyester Yarn

Synthetic source of polyester yarn

The synthetic source of polyester yarn is mainly polyester fiber. This synthetic fiber is made by polymerizing polyester monomers, which are usually petrolic acids and glycols derived from petroleum. Under high temperatures and pressures, these monomers react to form polyester long-chain molecules, which are then converted into yarn through the spinning process. This synthetic method ensures that the polyester yarn has excellent wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, while also opening up the possibility of environmental sustainability, as it reduces waste by recycling and reusing raw materials.


Because polyester yarn is a synthetic fiber, it usually has excellent wear resistance, crease resistance and fade resistance, which make it very popular in the textile industry.


Characteristics of polyester yarn

Polyester yarns occupy an important position in the textile industry because of the sustainability and versatility of their synthetic sources, which not only meet fashion needs, but also provide high performance and convenience.


The versatility of polyester yarn makes it suitable for a variety of different application scenarios. It is used in the textile industry to make strong fabrics, but is also widely used in sewing, knitting and knitting.


Polyester yarn is known for its excellent durability. This yarn is made of polyester and has excellent wear resistance and tensile strength, making it very popular in the manufacture of a wide range of durable products.


Not only does it extend the life of the product, it also provides a variety of design and manufacturing flexibility, making it an integral part of many industries. Whether looking for a high-strength material or a versatile solution, polyester yarns do not disappoint.


Blend of polyester yarn and other fibers

Polyester yarns are often blended with other fibers to gain additional properties and characteristics.


Polyester and cotton blends combine the comfort of cotton with the durability of polyester. This blend is often used to make T-shirts, shirts and bedding.


Mixing polyester with wool can improve the wear resistance and wrinkle resistance of wool fabrics while reducing costs.


The blend of polyester and silk can produce shine and softness, which is suitable for making high-end underwear and special occasion clothing.


This blend is often used to make outdoor sports clothing, with high wear resistance and water resistance.


Price and value of polyester yarn

Polyester yarn is very popular in textile manufacturing because of its relatively low price. This advantage stems in part from the preparation process of its synthetic fibers, which are relatively cheap and easy to produce. This allows manufacturers to provide relatively affordable polyester knitwear to meet the needs of consumers. The cost-effectiveness of polyester yarn has made it the preferred choice for many mass manufacturing and ready-to-wear brands.


Polyester yarn is widely used in the manufacture of knitwear, its blend characteristics and cost effectiveness make it play an important role in the textile industry. Whether making comfortable everyday clothing or sportswear with special performance, polyester yarn provides manufacturers with flexible choices, but also provides consumers with a variety of options.

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