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How to Wash Wool

Wool is a natural fiber derived from the hair of sheep. Due to its unique softness, warmth and excellent moisturizing properties, wool has become a gem in the textile industry. As a material of natural origin, wool is widely used in the production of sweaters, scarves, gloves and other apparel products. Its affinity with human

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Sweater Care and Maintenance

Sweater care Taking care of your sweater is key to maintaining its appearance and longevity. In addition to proper washing and drying methods, the use of appropriate care products can also play an important role. Here are some products such as cleaners, brushes and bleach that you need to care for your sweaters to ensure

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Cashmere Care

We all love the feel of our cashmere garments and want to preserve them for as long as possible. However, since cashmere is a very delicate fabric, it requires special handling and care to be able to retain the softness and ensure it lasts many years.   Cashmere can easily absorb odours and attract stains,

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